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Braces for Teens Result in Better Long-Term Oral Health

Posted on February 10, 2021

braces for teens

No one is too old for braces. Nearly 3.5 million American teens and kids begin wearing braces every year. That being said, braces for teens have many benefits including better long-term oral health from a young age. Being a parent of a teen, you may have noticed they really care about their appearance. Teeth that are properly aligned have a positive impact on teens and their futures.

Why Is It Better for Teens to Get Orthodontic Treatment?

It is important to note that during adolescence, orthodontic care will benefit the complete oral wellbeing of a growing child. Changes often occur to the bones that support teeth and gum tissue as a teen grows into adulthood. Having teeth straightened during adolescence happens while the jaw continues to grow.

Better results can be achieved while growth is still a factor. Once the jaw and face bones have fully developed, teeth straightening is still possible. However, it’s just better to have them straightened while they are still growing. Plus, teens are known to gain positive psychological benefits while experiencing orthodontics with their peers.

Braces Improve the Clarity of Speech

There is more to clear speech than just being able to pronounce words correctly. Clear speech can be a difficult endeavor due to articulatory problems related to the position of teeth and jaw structure. Teeth control the airflow needed to produce consonants and strident sounds. If there is an issue with the placement of teeth, speech could be slurred, consonants may not be articulated well, or a whistling sound or lisp can be heard while speaking. Braces correctly align the teeth and jaws to improve the clarity of a teen’s speech.

Chewing Can Be Improved

Teeth that are not in the correct place compromise the ability to chew and bite. Have you noticed your teen favoring one side of their mouth over the other, or do they choose soft foods that could keep them from getting essential nutrients? Perfectly aligned teeth will improve how they bite and chew so they enjoy a well-balanced diet that is crucial for a teen’s growth and development.

Braces for Teens Gives a Boost in Confidence

There are many long-term orthodontic effects that benefit a teen’s overall health. The cosmetic benefits of braces are significant, as well. Having a gorgeous smile is powerful when it comes to self-confidence. This is especially true when teens are suffering from problems such as:

  • Protruding Teeth
  • Spaced Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Underbites
  • Overbites
  • Openbites
  • Crossbites

When a teen is suffering from any of those problems, they may often lack confidence and be self-conscious about how their teeth look. Not only will they stop smiling, but they also may not seek new experiences or take on challenges. Worst of all, their peers may tease them and make fun of them. Thankfully, braces are confidence changers. Teens with straight teeth tend to feel confident, are better adjusted, and are less likely to suffer from peer pressure.

Orthodontists Are Committed to Providing Attractive Smiles

Caring orthodontists provide exceptional service and deliver beautiful smiles by building strong and lasting relationships with patients. You can expect your teen to receive orthodontic care including braces for teens fused with evidence-based treatments using innovative orthodontic technology. Your teen’s education about oral health will also be improved with each welcoming visit. Rely on Dr. Bret Ortho when you want to look into braces for teens.

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