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5 Ways to Properly Take Care of Your Retainer

Posted on November 30, 2023

orthodontics for teenagers

Once your braces come off, that’s not necessarily the end of your treatment. You will need to continue to wear a retainer for some time to keep your teeth aligned. For teens or children, parents need to monitor this part of orthodontic treatment as it can sometimes be difficult to remember to wear the retainer… Read more »

Broken Brackets: What You Need to Know

Posted on November 28, 2023

orthodontic treatment

Braces are a prevalent orthodontic treatment in our modern world. According to Humana, over 4 million people nationwide wear braces, 25% of which are adults. However, braces can come with their own set of problems, like when a bracket breaks. Braces come with a metal square secured to the front of the tooth. These are… Read more »

How to Take Care of Your Braces and Aligners at School

Posted on November 27, 2023


Taking care of braces and aligners at school will be a huge part of your child’s orthodontic care and maintenance. According to Invisalign, it’s estimated that over 10 million people, including more than 1.4 million teens, use these clear aligners to improve their smiles. Whether the patient is using Invisalign or traditional braces, it’s crucial… Read more »

Easy Ways to Alleviate Soreness from Your Braces

Posted on November 9, 2023

teen braces

New braces often cause tenderness and discomfort in the days following both initial placement and tightening. If you have a child or teen who is in braces, you may be looking for ways to help alleviate some of the soreness caused by their orthodontic devices. Luckily, there are simple, soothing ways to relieve brace pain… Read more »

Are You Cleaning Your Invisalign Properly?

Posted on November 1, 2023

invisalign services

Invisalign services are a great way to boost your self-esteem. According to DocPlayer, about 47% of surveyed teens who use Invisalign said they had more self-confidence than 22% of teenagers beginning their orthodontic journey. However, cleaning your Invisalign properly is essential if you opt for this treatment plan. Why Is Proper Cleaning Important? Some people… Read more »

Common Signs You’re Not a Good Candidate for Invisalign

Posted on October 31, 2023


Invisalign’s removable, transparent aligners are popular for straightening teeth discreetly. Those who are able to use this type of orthodontic device report a high success and satisfaction rate. According to Sesame Communications, Invisalign has over a 96% patient satisfaction rate, but not everyone is an ideal candidate for this treatment. There are certain dental and… Read more »

How Do Braces Actually Work and Align Your Teeth?

Posted on October 3, 2023

family orthodontists

According to AAO, an estimated 3.9 million kids in the U.S. see an orthodontist. Family orthodontists can help provide your child with the right treatment they need to straighten their teeth and improve their dental health. But how exactly do braces work, and how are they able to align your teeth? Here, we’ll dive into… Read more »

5 Foods Your Kids Should Avoid With Braces

Posted on October 2, 2023


For many kids, one of the rites of passage of growing up is visiting the local orthodontist. Thanks to the care of local orthodontists, people can maintain straight and healthy teeth that promote a beautiful smile. However, teens and kids may not always like dealing with braces, since they have to adjust their diet. Here… Read more »

3 Things You Can Do This Week to Get Your Teeth Ready for Braces

Posted on September 29, 2023

braces treatment

The right time to get braces treatment is not the same for everyone, but you should find out immediately if you need them. According to Healthline, the average person will need to wear braces for around two years. Given how long you’ll likely need braces, receiving early treatment would be preferable. Are you already set… Read more »

Navigating Orthodontics for Your Child

Posted on September 28, 2023

teen braces

For millions of people, teen braces are a fact of life. According to the American Orthodontic Association, about 3.5 million kids and teens in the United States start wearing braces each year. Helping your teen navigate orthodontic treatment is essential to their well-being. Here is how you can navigate orthodontic treatment for your child. Stay… Read more »

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