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How Technological Advancements Have Transformed Orthodontics

Posted on January 3, 2024

Orthodontic treatment has been around for centuries, but orthodontics as we know it, has evolved technologically. These tech advancements have created new types of treatments and made older treatment options more effective. Let’s look at how technology has influenced this field of treatment.

Digital Imaging

Although people have been using braces for a long time, it’s only been in the recent past that digital imaging has been available. The innovation of digital imaging has made treatment planning far more precise and effective. In the past, orthodontists were limited to traditional dental impressions and old-fashioned X-rays. Today, however, 3D imaging, and computer simulations make it possible to create orthodontic treatment plans that are far more effective.

Clear Aligners

According to DentistryIQ, 11% of teens feel that having metal braces is a rite of passage, however, clear aligners are still growing in popularity. This innovative type of treatment option makes it possible to bypass metal braces altogether. These devices can be removed for eating, and most patients report that they are far more comfortable than metal braces.

Through new technology, clear aligners can be custom-made for each patient. This enhances the precision with which the aligners straighten teeth. Patients appreciate the fact that the devices are practically invisible once placed in the mouth.

Robotics and Automation

One of the most significant tech innovations in this field is how robotics and automation are now a part of orthodontic care. The use of robotics and automation makes it possible for orthodontists to perform complex procedures with precision and safety. Complicated surgeries can now be completed in a far more effective and safe way.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality makes it possible for an orthodontist to create a treatment plan that is far more precise. Different outcomes can be more accurately predicted, and patients can see possible results before their treatment plan even begins. Seeing these results at your fingertips can help many people take the leap and start the process.

These are just a handful of ways that technology has changed orthodontic care. Technology is more than just the phone in your hand; it’s revolutionizing healthcare industries like orthodontics. If you’re looking for a reliable orthodontist for your needs, please contact Dr. Bret Ortho today. We’re happy to help you on your orthodontic journey.

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