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Month: January 2024

What to Do If You’re Embarrassed to Wear Braces as an Adult

Posted on January 22, 2024

You’ve just found out that you need to wear braces as an adult. At first, you feel embarrassed and self-conscious about having a mouth full of metal. Braces are seen as something for awkward teenagers, not professional adults. But more and more, grown-ups are getting braces these days to fix longstanding dental issues. Here are… Read more »

Are You Making These Crucial Mistakes With Your Invisalign?

Posted on January 4, 2024

Invisalign is a proven orthodontic treatment option that can help you attain the smile of which you have always dreamed. To get the most out of your Invisalign treatment, there are certain things you should avoid. Keep reading to learn about some common mistakes people make while using Invisalign. Eating and Drinking with the Device… Read more »

How Technological Advancements Have Transformed Orthodontics

Posted on January 3, 2024

Orthodontic treatment has been around for centuries, but orthodontics as we know it, has evolved technologically. These tech advancements have created new types of treatments and made older treatment options more effective. Let’s look at how technology has influenced this field of treatment. Digital Imaging Although people have been using braces for a long time,… Read more »

Daily Adjustments You’ll Make When Living With Braces

Posted on January 2, 2024

Are you or your child trying to prepare for braces treatment? Whether you are getting traditional braces or Invisalign, such treatment can improve your tooth alignment and give you a better smile. Getting braces for straight teeth means making certain adjustments. Read on to learn how wearing braces can affect your regular habits. Oral Cleaning… Read more »

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