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Dr. Bret excels at using the most innovative technology to treat patients in the most precise, comfortable and efficient way possible. With this commitment in mind, our patients can say goodbye to old-school dental impressions—no messy putty in your mouth!

The iTero Element Scanner digital impression system eliminates the need for unpleasant traditional dental impressions. With our iTero Element Scanner, we can digitally capture a detailed, 3D model of your teeth and gums and customize a treatment plan more precisely to get you the best outcome! Our system allows us to scan your teeth in no more than three minutes. From this scan, we create precise Invisalign aligners that fit your teeth perfectly.

Not only is this system more patient friendly, it also ensures a more accurate model and provides a more comfortable patient experience. Our patients watch first hand as their models are generated on screen as we scan. You can even see your Invisalign outcome simulation before you start treatment!

How Does It Work?

The iTero element is an intraoral scanner that captures 6000 frames per second! The optical technology allows us to continuously scan your gums and teeth with a small hand-held wand. Your scan is immediately displayed on the screen; which means you see what we do, this allows for significantly improved chairside communication.

The radiation-free laser scans your mouth in under three minutes and creates a digitally rendered, 3D impression of your teeth and gums. The software allows you to watch as we scan and develop a 3D model of teeth on the screen.

Benefits To Your Treatment

1. Precision

  • 3D, detailed images
  • Optimal fitting aligners and retainers
  • No need to re-do impressions
  • Outcome simulator

2. Efficient

  • Quick and easy scans take 6-8 minutes
  • Images appear instantly on the screen
  • Shorter appointments

3. Comfortable

  • No goopy putty-like impressions
  • No gagging—breathe and swallow normally
  • No funny taste as with old school impressions

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