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What to Expect During Your First Orthodontic Consultation

Posted on July 31, 2023


Enjoying a beautiful smile can instantly boost your self-confidence. You’ll enjoy improved oral health, proper speech, and your teeth will function better when adequately aligned. Before heading to the orthodontist, you should learn what to expect during your first appointment. Discussion Before doing X-rays or an exam, the doctor will speak with you about any… Read more »

Invisalign: A Discreet and Convenient Alternative to Traditional Braces

Posted on July 28, 2023


In the past, people had one choice of something to straighten out their teeth: braces. Then, Invisalign came on to the scene and it became very popular. How popular, you ask? According to Invisalign, 10 million people have used the clear aligners, with 1.4 million of them being teenagers. So, it’s clearly a very viable… Read more »

Orthodontic Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Posted on July 27, 2023

orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics is something nearly everyone has experience with. According to Humana, 4 million people in the United States wear braces, with 25% of them being adults. If you need your teeth corrected and are gearing up to join this statistic, you should know about certain myths regarding orthodontic treatment. Here are some of them, along… Read more »

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