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Why You Should Choose a Family Orthodontist

Posted on May 20, 2024

Regardless of popular belief, orthodontists see patients of all ages. According to Mouth Healthy, orthodontic treatment usually begins between ages eight and 14 because abnormal bites are typically noticeable between six and 12. However, adults also seek orthodontic treatment to correct crooked teeth and other issues. Now, more than ever, more patients opt for a family orthodontist. This article will review the main reasons why.

Continuous Care

A family orthodontist has experience and knowledge regarding orthodontic care and every stage of life, from children to adults. This means that children can see the same doctor for the rest of their lives to address orthodontic issues. Continuous care ensures more favorable outcomes, and your child will see a doctor who knows them personally. They’ll be more than just another name on a piece of paper.

Convenient Scheduling

Scheduling appointments for the entire family can be a hassle. Attending appointments at multiple providers can be tedious. You may have to take numerous days off work to visit different parts of town. When you work with a family orthodontist, you can easily schedule appointments for the entire family and get them all done in one day.

Trusting Relationship

Heading to the orthodontist can be nerve-wracking for most children. Parents also want to ensure their provider takes the time to give their child an individualized treatment plan. When you work with a family practitioner, you’ll already have a trusting relationship with them. Your children will instantly feel comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about them not caring for your little ones appropriately.

Less Anxiety

Children usually feel nervous when going to an orthodontist. However, going to the same provider as the rest of the family can instantly make them feel better. Young children will feel confident knowing they are headed to the same doctor their big sisters or brothers go to. This can make the first appointment easier, making children more likely to want to follow their treatment plan.

We understand the importance of prompt orthodontic treatment. However, we also know that it’s essential for the whole family to be comfortable. That’s why we accept patients of all ages. We specialize in clear and metal braces as well as Invisalign. Contact Dr. Bret Ortho to schedule your appointment today.

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