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What is Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment?

Posted on September 21, 2021

Teeth problems are quite common in children. As a result, no less than 3.5 million American kids and teenagers get braces each year. There are several indications that a child might have problems with their teeth, and these can be seen even before the permanent teeth are out. This is where two-phase orthodontic treatment comes in. The term two-phase basically means the treatment is done in two different instances.

How Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment Works

Two-phase orthodontic treatment is used to address particular dental problems. The reason why this treatment is carried out is to take advantage of the early stages of dental development. If the orthodontist predicts that there may be issues with your child’s dentition, they will recommend this treatment.

Two-phase orthodontic treatment starts in the early developmental stages, meaning that it is ideal for kids. There are other kids with problems that can be addressed by a single treatment phase. On the other hand, some need two phases. The first phase of the treatment attempts to help the child’s jaws develop and ensure that there is enough space for all the child’s permanent teeth.

Reduces the Need for Teeth Extractions

Two-phase orthodontic treatment can lower the risk of having to extract permanent teeth in the future. It also addresses problems that might need surgery if the treatment is carried out after the growth stages end. The other aim of this treatment is to correct the relationship between the upper jaw and the lower jaw. This is quite helpful when there is an underbite.

Phase One

The initial phase of the treatment starts when the child has baby teeth. There are several appliances that can be used during this stage. For instance, the orthodontist can use some form of braces or fixed appliance. It might even be a detachable appliance. What the orthodontist uses depends on the individual patient. In some instances, the orthodontist might have to pull the baby’s teeth to clear a path for the more permanent ones. After the first phase of the orthodontic treatment, there will be a resting phase.

Phase Two

The second phase of the treatment usually starts when the child has all of their permanent teeth. This phase aims to ensure that all teeth are in their proper places so that they can function as expected. It will also help ensure that the child has a healthy bite and a good appearance.

You must choose an experienced orthodontist for your family. Once you find the right orthodontist, talk to them about your concerns, and they will find how best to help your child and determine if they need two-phase orthodontic treatment.

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