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The Best Invisalign Treatment Includes Impressions Using iTero

Posted on July 16, 2021

best invisalign

Have you been putting off getting braces for yourself or your child? According to the American Association of Orthodontists, you should schedule an evaluation of your teeth as soon as you notice any sign of problems, and no later than 7 years of age for children. Today you can achieve a straight smile much easier.

You may already have seen ads for clear aligners that you can order and have sent directly to your home. It’s hard to know which aligners are worth your time and which aren’t. Aligners that are trying to follow in the steps of Invisalign are more trouble than they’re worth. The main reason why is because an orthodontist is needed to examine your teeth and let you know if you are a good candidate for Invisalign braces.

Why Are Exams So Important?

A full exam before you get aligners can clearly define if you are a good candidate for the best Invisalign treatment. Such an exam also shows if your gums and teeth are healthy. If cavities are present, or you need a tooth extraction, orthodontists want to handle that before you are fit with Invisalign aligners.

It Is Not Wise to Use Self-Made Impressions

A few years ago, dental impressions were the way to collect accurate “images” of teeth. It is actually necessary to get those images to create clear aligners for the best Invisalign treatment. The old way of taking impressions involved setting a putty-filled tray in your mouth and then biting down. Then you had to wait for it to set. It’s a messy and difficult process that is otherwise uncomfortable. The problem is that it only provides information that is moderately accurate. The process only gets worse when you try making impressions yourself.

The iTero Element Scanner Paves the Way for the Best Invisalign Treatment

iTero scanners are the innovative technology top Spokane orthodontics offices use. You won’t have to endure a mouth full of putty. Instead, iTero scanners easily and quickly scan your teeth to produce an exact 3D image.

Scanning makes the best Invisalign treatment more patient-friendly. You can watch models being generated on the screen before you while your teeth are being scanned. This process is very, very accurate. It doesn’t hurt that it is also pain-free. The best part of all is you can view your outcome simulation before beginning treatment.

When you want the best Invisalign treatment, the iTero Element Scanner is a big part of the orthodontics process. The transition from making impressions to scanning is monumental. The only thing that makes iTero better is an orthodontist that excels at using this advanced technology.

Exactly How Does iTero Work?

The iTero Element can capture 6000 frames every second via a radiation-free laser. It is an intraoral scanner that can continuously scan your teeth and gums using a small, hand-held wand. Immediate images displayed on a screen before you promote notably improved chair-side interactions with your orthodontist, as well.

You receive digitally rendered 3D images of your gums and teeth without all of the hassle or gunk used to make impressions just a few years ago. Doesn’t your smile deserve the best Invisalign treatment? Speak with the friendly orthodontists at Dr. Bret Ortho who use iTero about the possibilities of Invisalign to start your journey to a straighter, healthier smile.

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