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Reasons Teenagers Need Braces

Posted on July 30, 2021

braces for teens

Braces are a necessary part of orthodontic treatment for many teenagers. This is because braces help to align and straighten teeth and improve the appearance of teeth. It’s one of the reasons why about 3.5 million American kids and teenagers start wearing braces each year.

Braces are the best solution for fixing your teeth and making them look great. But as a teen, braces for teens can do so much more than just fix your teeth — they can make you feel better about yourself too. Here are other reasons why you should consider them.

1. Braces Help With Self-Esteem

The number one reason braces are so important to a teenager is that they can improve their self-esteem. Teenagers often feel insecure about how they look, and braces offer them the opportunity to change this for the better. In order for teenagers to grow up feeling confident in themselves as adults, braces may be necessary.

Braces that are used for teens can be placed in such a way as to make the teeth align better and more symmetrically. This means that braces not only fix crooked or misaligned teeth but also correct gaps between teeth, which typically lead to an unattractive smile. Parents often notice their child’s self-esteem improve after braces because of these two reasons.

Teenagers who wear braces will have straighter, whiter teeth by the time their treatment is finished. A brighter white smile makes it easier for teenagers to feel confident about themselves during difficult times like puberty when appearance matters so much. Braces give them back control over how they look, and this sense of empowerment may even translate into other areas of life.

2. Braces Fix Sore Jaw

Another reason braces are important for teenagers is that they can fix a sore jaw. Teens who have braces on their upper teeth will often find relief from an achy or painful jaw because the braces push down and hold your lower teeth in place. This relieves strain on both of those joints, which means less pain overall.

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is another common symptom associated with braces during teen years. Bruxism makes chewing difficult and may even damage tooth enamel over time if not treated. Wearing braces during your teen years can reduce the risk of grinding teeth by aligning them for a better bite. This will make it easier to chew food and avoid more serious complications with bruxism over time.

3. Braces Improve Sleep

Wearing braces for teens can also help improve a teen’s sleep. Teens who wear braces will notice that they can bite down more easily, which makes it easier for them to fall asleep because their mouth is resting in the most natural position possible.

4. Braces Improve Oral Health

Braces for teens are a great option because they improve oral health. The braces will force your teeth to come together in one line, which helps stop food from getting stuck between them. Teeth that aren’t properly aligned may also be more likely to harbor plaque buildup, which is very harmful to dental hygiene and gum problems like gingivitis or periodontitis.

Braces can help reduce the risk of these issues by holding them upright, so people who wear braces no longer have anything resting against their lower teeth while eating.

5. Braces Prevent Gaps

Braces for straight teeth are also a great option for teens experiencing problems with teeth coming in crooked or if there’s too much space between teeth that won’t close on their own, which is usually the case during puberty when we grow rapidly.

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Braces for teens are a great way to improve your oral health and may even have additional benefits that you didn’t know about before. If braces sound like something you want, then reach out to Dr. Bret Ortho today.

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