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Invisalign for Kids: 8 Ways It Does More Than Straighten Teeth

Posted on December 28, 2020

If you’re a parent and your child needs braces, you’re probably wondering what kind they should get. There are traditional metal braces and a newer option, invisible braces, the most common brand of which is Invisalign. These clear, removable braces for teens (and adults) are generally considered to be the best option for several reasons—and getting straighter teeth isn’t the only one. Here are eight other reasons you may want to consider the best Invisalign braces for your child.

Improved Self-Esteem

If you had braces as a child, you probably remember that they can cause feelings of insecurity, especially as a teenager. However, 47% of Invisalign teen users actually had a boost in self-esteem. That’s because Invisalign is barely noticeable, can be removed for pictures, such as the all-important yearbook or prom picture, and gives you a great smile at the end of treatment.

Easier to Clean

One of the best Invisalign benefits is that your child’s teeth will be easier to clean. They’ll be able to remove the aligners for brushing and flossing. With traditional metal braces, food and other particles can get stuck behind the wires and brackets and can be difficult to remove. After your child’s Invisalign treatment is done, they’ll also have an easier time cleaning their teeth. Straighter teeth mean that there are fewer hard-to-reach spots. This means easier brushing, easier flossing, and easier appointments because your child will have fewer dental problems.

Better Speech

If your child has a lisp or trouble pronouncing words, their teeth could be to blame. A misaligned bite or crooked teeth can cause these speech problems. By correcting them with braces, your child could speak more clearly and even have fewer academic problems. While it may take your child a few days to get used to speaking with their aligners in, they may find it easier to speak with the aligners rather than with traditional braces.

No More Grinding

Grinding your teeth is fairly common in both adults and children. It can also cause a lot of pain and discomfort. However, wearing Invisalign trays can reduce or eliminate grinding. Invisalign will change your child’s bite, add a layer of protection between teeth, and even help break them of the habit.

Extra Layer of Protection

As a parent, you probably already know that children are prone to accidents—especially if they’re active or play sports. Invisalign trays can give teeth an extra layer of protection, similar to a mouthguard. If your child falls or gets hit with a ball, they’ll be less likely to break a tooth if they’re wearing Invisalign.

Better Jaw Alignment

One of the best Invisalign benefits that people aren’t always aware of is better jaw alignment. Many children have misaligned jaws that can cause headaches, clicking sounds, or trouble chewing. Invisalign can reposition the jaw so that they won’t have these problems anymore.

Better Digestion

Because many children have trouble chewing food due to misaligned jaws or crooked teeth and they can suffer from poor digestion or improper nutrition. In order to get proper digestion and nutrition, food needs to be broken down first by chewing. Invisalign can make eating much easier as your child’s bite and teeth are corrected, which can be very important for their development.

Better Brushing

If your child wears Invisalign, their orthodontist will teach them how to properly brush their teeth and clean the trays. Because proper brushing is so important for Invisalign to work, your child will practice regular brushing, which will become routine. This routine will become a habit, which will give them better dental health for years to come.

Choosing between different types of braces for your child can be a difficult decision for any parent. However, 96% of Invisalign users are satisfied with their experience in the end. Children who use Invisalign can have straight teeth, as well as improved mental, physical, and oral health that lasts a lifetime.

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