Worried Young African American Woman Biting Nails For Sadness Anxiety


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5 Ways to Ease Dental Anxiety

Posted on March 11, 2022

Worried Young African American Woman Biting Nails For Sadness Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a problem that can extend to visits with the family orthodontist and which can affect many people every year. After all, according to Bracesct.com, over 3.5 million kids and teens begin braces treatment every year — many of whom may have dental anxiety. Understanding these methods of easing dental anxiety can help parents and teens better prepare for this situation and avoid unnecessary suffering.

1. Talk About Anxiety

If your teens are anxious about visiting their dentist or orthodontist, talk to them about this anxiety to hear what they have to say. Sometimes, teens just need someone willing to listen to them and talk about their concerns. Just as importantly, talking with the treatment specialist in this way may also enhance a teen’s experience and minimize their anxiety and concern.

2. Be Honest With Your Orthodontist

Being open with your orthodontist about your anxiety or your teen’s anxiety is the best move that you can make. Let them know what your fears are, and they will be able to ease them — offering facts about what you can realistically expect from treatment.

3. Listen to Music

Teens connect with music personally and often use it as a distraction tool or emotional comfort method. Let your teen listen to music before the visit or even during treatment. Talk to the orthodontist about this option to see what they say.

4. Aromatherapy

Many smells can relax the mind and body, such as lavender. Give your teen some lavender essential oils or other therapeutic options that work for their needs. They can even place some of these oils on their wrist and smell them just before treatment to relax a little. This option is a good choice if a teen’s anxiety is minor.

5. Consider Counseling

If all else fails, you can take your teen to a counseling professional who specializes in anxiety. They can better understand why a teen is suffering and provide therapy that helps them recover. These steps may include various medical treatments and behavioral adjustments that help a teen better understand their anxiety.

Whether you’re working with a dentist or family orthodontist, managing this anxiety can help your teen or even help you better manage your fear. After all, dental anxiety does not just affect teens or kids. Many full-grown adults experience heavy anxiety when visiting these professionals and need help managing these feelings. Reach out to Dr. Bret Ortho for an orthodontic experience that will ease anxieties.

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