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Wired for Success: How Braces Can Enhance Your Well-being

Posted on September 26, 2023


Are you about to get braces? Typically, you will have to wear them for roughly two years on average, according to Healthline. That time will fly, but you’ll get so many benefits from them. Here are several advantages braces can bring to your well-being.

They Can Reduce Your Risk of TMJ Disorder (TMD)

If your teeth are misaligned, that can cause you to have an improper bite and put stress on certain parts of your jaw. The temporomandibular joint is one of those, and it’s crucial in how you open and shut your mouth. If you have problems with that it can cause your jaw to click when eating. It can even make your jaw lock open or shut, requiring dental intervention. Braces can keep your teeth aligned and your bite pattern as it should be.

They Can Help with Digestion

Improperly aligned teeth can make chewing your food more difficult. That can also lead to digestive issues. While your food options might be a bit more limited when you’re wearing the braces, you’ll have a much better time eating and digesting when they have been removed from your newly straight teeth. Proper digestion has numerous health benefits for your overall well-being, so don’t overlook the advantages of this aspect.

They Can Help Your Self Confidence

While you might be a bit self-conscious when wearing them, especially when it comes to taking pictures, you can feel comfort knowing that your teeth are being straightened in the process. When they’re removed, you’ll have a dazzling smile to show off to people. That will make you more confident when talking to others that you might not have before. You will feel much better overall!

They Can Improve Your Overall Oral Health

There are a lot of other ways that braces can benefit you in regard to your dental health. They can keep your teeth from getting cavities since misaligned teeth can create more space for bacteria. If your teeth are crooked, that can also increase the chances of bone erosion around the teeth. This is also the better option for situations with really crooked teeth since Invisalign can only help mild to moderate cases. The wires will pull the teeth into the correct position and then you will have plenty of reasons to smile!

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