Why It’s Important to Correct Your Bite With Braces


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Why It’s Important to Correct Your Bite With Braces

Posted on September 17, 2021

Why It’s Important to Correct Your Bite With Braces

Are you dealing with a bite misalignment? Do you have trouble chewing food or swallowing? Issues like these can seem like minor annoyances, but they can grow into big problems, especially for children.

If you’re dealing with a bite misalignment, you may want to consider visiting an orthodontist for a braces consultation right away. Orthodontic treatment in kids often happens between the ages of 8-14 because according to Mouth Healthy, abnormal bites are usually noticed between the ages of 6-12. Failure to get a bite corrected can result in difficulty chewing and speech impediments.

Different Kinds Of Bites

If you visit an orthodontist to talk about braces, he or she will look at your teeth and determine which is the best alignment for your teeth. Bite correction may be needed if you have an overbite (where the front, upper teeth overlap with the bottom front teeth), an underbite (where the front teeth rest behind the bottom teeth), or a crossbite (where teeth protrude at various angles).

The Right Kind Of Bite

Whether you know it or not, your mouth’s structure determines how your jaw and teeth are formed. Ideally, a perfectly formed jaw and teeth should follow a U-shaped arch and those arches should be lined up. That also means that your teeth should lay on top of each other evenly, though usually, your top teeth will rest slightly in front of your bottom teeth.

How Bite Correction Can Help

If your child is getting braces to correct an overbite or underbite, this can help your teeth in several ways. Since your mouth is still growing, braces can help with facial and jaw development. Braces can also reduce the risk of impacted teeth and help detect any hidden dental issues, especially cavities and gum issues.

If you’re an adult, know that it’s not too late to get braces or a bite correction. It can be harder to correct bite issues in adulthood, but braces can help. Having straighter teeth can help boost confidence as well as mood. Plus, you’ll feel more comfortable smiling in all of your pictures.

If you have teeth in need of a bite correction, don’t hesitate to seek out the important orthodontic care you need.

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