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Why Is Your Retainer so Crucial in Your Braces Treatment Process?

Posted on March 20, 2023

braces treatment

When you wear braces, it takes a long time to straighten your teeth and align your bite. According to Healthline, patients wear their braces for an average of about two years. Once your braces treatment period is over, you will be given a retainer to wear at night. The retainer will be custom-made for your teeth, and it has to be worn as directed by the orthodontist. Here are some of the main benefits of regularly wearing your retainer.

Keep Teeth From Reverting

The main reason that patients need to wear a retainer is to keep their teeth from reverting back to the positions they had before they got their braces treatment. Braces cause a lot of movement in your mouth, both the roof of your mouth and the teeth themselves. If you don’t maintain those changes with a retainer that fits perfectly, that movement can be undone.

Wearing a retainer isn’t active straightening. It doesn’t work in the same way that braces do. Instead, it holds the teeth in place to manage your straight teeth. As soon as your braces treatment is over, your orthodontist will have your retainer made, and you will be given your instructions for wearing them and how to take care of them. The majority of people only wear them at night, as instructed.

They’re Easy to Wear and Care For

Because they fit so well, wearing your retainer is a breeze. They are specifically made to be unnoticeable in the mouth. Retainers are typically made out of clear plastic and are designed to exactly fit your top and bottom teeth. These are removable retainers, but not all retainers are removable. Some patients get a permanent retainer made from metal wire that is applied to the back sides of their teeth to keep them in their straight position. This will remain in your mouth for a few years before removal. Both types of retainers are easy to care for, requiring brushing and rinsing regularly to keep them clean.

After your braces treatment, it’s important to continue wearing your retainer long-term. This is the key to long-lasting results from your treatment period. Get into the habit of wearing your retainer regularly, and you’ll find it easy to do and will remember to wear it as directed. Contact Dr. Bret Orthodontics today if you are ready to start your braces treatment and prepared for the retainer process.

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