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Why Invisalign is the Best That Modern Orthodontics Has to Offer

Posted on June 11, 2021

When you’re looking to improve yourself, it’s often easiest to start with the things you can control. What you eat, when you brush your teeth, and how often you exercise are all things that are in your domain hat no one can take from you. Yet, people often miss that one of the subtlest ways to make yourself look and feel better is to change something that is timeless and wonderful: your smile.

If you’ve put off getting the smile that you want and deserve because of fear of going to the orthodontist or the hassle of braces, let us reassure you: there’s a new sheriff in town. With the invention of Invisalign braces in 1997, orthodontics has never been the same. Instead of tackling the pain of traditional metal braces, let us enlighten you as to why Invisalign is the best treatment for you!

Eat and Drink Like Normal

One of the best features of Invisalign aligners is that they’re clear plastic trays that can be removed from your mouth. As long as you keep them in for a certain amount of time during the day, they can be easily removed for eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, or any other reason! When you have the ability to “pause” your braces treatment and simply have your teeth back for a while, this can take a large psychological load off of people’s minds. Going out to dinner, getting a new toothbrush, and changing flossing methods can be fun again when you have the best Invisalign package.

Be Picture Perfect

It’s unfortunate that when you have traditional metal braces, any picture that you take is dated to the era of “when you had braces.” For some people, this can be a downer and cause them to isolate themselves during events when pictures are taken, or simply not smile. Instead of having to dread when someone says “cheese,” you can take your aligners out at will and show your evolving pearly whites to the world without having to think twice about it.

Faster Results

Recent studies have shown that one of the best Invisalign benefits is that patients get results faster than traditional metal braces. With the latter, sometimes people can be in treatment for up to 36 months, but the high end of Invisalign treatment has only ever been shown to take 18 months. Usually, patients are done in approximately 12 months or so. This means that Invisalign braces are approximately 18 times faster than traditional braces and will get you looking your best in no time at all. Other than not paying for them, what could be better than that?

It’s More Affordable Than Ever

Speaking of payment, since patients across the world are aware of the benefits of Invisalign aligners, they’re almost always in top demand and high supply in many modern orthodontic practices. Orthodontists also realize that not everyone is of the same financial means and methods, so they have come up with payment plans and other discounted rates (veterans, seniors, etc) in order to allow people to experience the joy of getting a wonderful smile while paying as they go. If you simply ask your orthodontist about what payment methods are available in order to get the best Invisalign treatment, they’ll be only too happy to tell you. If they don’t have any way to accommodate you, then perhaps you should find another orthodontist that will!

Patients Love Them

With everything that we’ve just listed, it’s easy to see why Invisalign has over a 96% patient satisfaction rate. From being able to eat and drink whatever you want to always being picture ready, the benefits of Invisalign far outweigh any risks you can imagine in your mind. With insurance and payment plans there to cover it, the best Invisalign treatment for you is now more affordable than ever. When you’re trying to improve for the long haul, you owe it to yourself to get the best products and information to benefit your situation. Instead of sitting around and wondering what your best smile could look like, make an appointment with your orthodontist today and demand the best Invisalign package available!

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