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What Happens After Braces are Removed?

Posted on October 14, 2021


It’s estimated that the average time needed to wear braces is roughly two years (per Kid’s Health). In that time, there are a lot of appointments with your orthodontist to make sure everything is working properly. There is also a lot of attention paid to dental care at home.

But what happens after your braces come off? Dental care becomes no less important then and the key is to establish good habits and keep them going. Two of the biggest challenges are avoiding plaque build-up and keeping your teeth straight.

So, what can you do? These tips can help:

Get A Cleaning

Just like orthodontist appointments are important while you have braces, dental appointments are important when they come off. Going to the dentist for a professional cleaning will keep the stains and plaque off and have your teeth looking and feeling fresh. Dentist visits are usually recommended every six months, so at a minimum, you should get at least a few cleanings each year.

Try Teeth Whitening

After at least two years of wearing braces, you’re probably ready to keep your teeth looking as clean as possible. As a reward for your patience wearing braces, you should treat yourself to a teeth whitening treatment. This will make your smile sparkle. At the very least, you should incorporate a whitening toothpaste into your oral hygiene routine.

Keep To A Routine

After making such a big commitment to your teeth for a few years, keeping up a good oral hygiene routine is important. You should brush at least twice a day with a soft-bristled brush. You should floss at least once a day. You should also use mouthwash to offer an added layer of protection. If you have to wear a retainer, make sure to keep them clean. A good routine is essential and you may want to consult your dentist or orthodontist about the best tools to use at home, such as an electric toothbrush or a certain kind of mouthwash.

Keep Your Smile Going Strong

Good dental care after all of those orthodontist appointments will help maintain the smile you’ve worked so hard to restore by wearing braces. With regular dental visits, you can keep your teeth looking new and fresh. So make an appointment with your dentist for a cleaning today!

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