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What Are Some Unexpected Benefits of Invisalign?

Posted on November 11, 2022


When it comes to orthodontics, people are often apprehensive because of the cost. There are different methods that orthodontics can use to help give your child a better smile, but it’s important to know your options. Invisalign has become more cost-efficient and prevents the discomfort that can sometimes come with having braces. Here are a few of the benefits of Invisalign that you may not have known.

Invisalign Can Improve Your Health

If your child isn’t one to keep a rigorous brushing schedule despite your best attempts, Invisalign is the way to go. Unlike bracket braces, Invisalign takes a few simple steps to maintain. With braces your child may get food stuck in the brackets and wires, which can lead to further dental problems. Invisalign is removed while eating, and your teeth can be brushed directly.

You Can Take Fewer Trips to the Orthodontist

Schedules get busy before you know it. While we love seeing our patients, we know that schedules can be one appointment after another. With Invisalign, you’ll see a straighter smile with fewer trips to the office. You will only need to schedule appointments every four to six weeks with Invisalign. Appointments are shorter as well. Rather than having the braces tightened, your orthodontist will check to see that everything is adjusting well and give your child their new retainer trays.

It’s a Confidence Boost

One of the benefits of Invisalign that’s often overlooked is how it affects your child’s confidence. Rather than having visible braces, they can straighten their teeth all while being almost undetectable.

Your child will also spend less time straightening their teeth than they would with traditional braces. Having a brighter and straighter smile can make a world of difference.

According to the American Board of Orthodontics in partnership with the American Association of Orthodontists, over 10 million people with 1.4 million of those being teens, decided to go with Invisalign. The process has become more affordable and those numbers are steadily increasing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the process of Invisalign and how it can benefit your child through their teeth straightening process, one of our orthodontists can break down the process step-by-step. Our goal is to create healthier and happier smiles.

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