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The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Invisalign Aligners

Posted on January 4, 2022

Routine dental care is important for the health and aesthetic of your teeth. It’s just as crucial to provide the same oral care to your Invisalign. Although flossing and brushing are straightforward methods in practicing oral hygiene, there actually are multiple ways to keep Invisalign trays clean and well kept, and a few methods to not practice. Here are some dos and don’ts in keeping your Invisalign aligners clean.


Follow this list of things that you should do so your Invisalign stays clean.

It’s Time to Rinse and Brush

Invisalign aligners have been inside your mouth for an entire day. So, please give them a little rinse at the end of the day under some warm water. Then, take a toothbrush and lightly brush the aligners. This method helps keep any bacteria off the aligners.

Daily Soak

It’s best to soak Invisalign aligners when not in use. After a rinse, store the aligners in a recommended cleaning solution. The solution keeps the aligners well maintained and ready for use. Be sure to let the aligners soak every night or when not in use.

Floss Before Use

Even though you have taken the right steps to keep the aligners clean, it is important for you to keep it that way. Meaning, give your teeth a quick floss before placing your aligners. You don’t want to have any old particles stuck between the teeth and aligners all day.


It’s just as crucial to remember what not to do with your aligners as what to do. Keep the following in mind next time you treat your Invisalign aligners.

Don’t Eat or Drink

Unfortunately, it’s best not to eat or drink anything while aligners are in your mouth. This prevents erosion and keeps the aligners maintained. Of course, the only safe liquid is water, anything else, take out the aligners and follow the dos above before replacing them.

Don’t Use Soap

It’s essential to use the recommended solution to clean aligners. Soap or colored toothpaste only damages the aligners. Be sure to ask your orthodontist about the recommended cleaning solutions.

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