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Invisalign: The Best Braces for Teens and Adults Looking for a More Discreet Treatment Option

Posted on September 16, 2020

invisalign for teens

Without the cumbersome brackets and wires that come with traditional braces, Invisalign braces are comfortable, clear teeth aligners that allow you to eat, talk, and go about your daily life without noticing a big difference. That is the reason Invisalign braces for teens have become so popular in recent years.

The American Association of Orthodontists reports that more than four million people are currently wearing Invisalign. The number is projected to grow because manufacturers are coming up with the best Invisalign designs to make them even more comfortable. But are you aware of the other benefits that you are likely to enjoy when you wear these aligners?

Invisalign Improves Oral Hygiene

One of the best features of Invisalign for teens is the fact that they are removable. You wear them for most of the day but when you’re eating you simply remove them. This allows you to clean the aligners and brush your teeth before wearing them again.

By boosting oral hygiene, Invisalign braces protect you from a wide array of infections that are likely to cause more problems. For example, if you are unable to properly brush your teeth because of metal wires and brackets, you are likely to develop cavities. Cavities are just the first stage of even more severe problems.

They Eliminate Distraction

These braces alternatives for teens are nearly invisible, so people may not even notice that you are wearing them. Your appearance won’t be altered, and you can go about your daily life as usual.

Traditional braces can be distracting to the wearer as well—the feeling of metal aligners on your teeth can make you lose concentration and focus. Invisalign braces are smooth and easy to get used to.

They Improve Your Safety

If you are involved in sports, you can imagine how risky it can be if you were to get hit on the mouth while wearing traditional metal braces. It can lead to bleeding and other serious injuries. However, with the right braces for teens, you can be sure that nothing will stop you from keeping your head in the game.

With Invisalign Teen, you have a way to enjoy your life even as you straighten your teeth and improve your smile. To be sure of the best results, visit an orthodontist near you.

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