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Invisalign for Teens: Is It the Best Option?

Posted on October 14, 2020

Invisalign braces are clear aligners instead of wires and metal that straighten out crooked and misaligned teeth. They are much more comfortable to wear than traditional metal appliances. Here’s why they can sometimes be a better option for teens with jaw and tooth misalignment.

How Clear Aligners Work

Invisalign uses plastic trays to push the teeth into position slowly. Every two weeks, the patient will trade out their trays for new ones. During the session, they will evaluate the progress of the treatment. Most follow up sessions are between 6 to 12 weeks.

After the procedure, the patient is supposed to wear Invisalign at least twenty-two hours a day. Teens may remove the trays every time they eat. For that reason, Invisalign treatment usually does not require dietary adjustments.

Removable Trays

However, orthodontists always encourage patients to avoid sugary and chewy foods. Tooth decay during the recovery period can ruin the outcome of the procedure. You need to clean your teeth thoroughly before placing your Invisalign aligners back.

Most parents and teens opt for Invisalign braces because they are inconspicuous. The trays have aesthetics to match the color of the teeth. Unlike traditional devices, they can remove them when taking photos for memorable occasions. They can come in handy when anticipating graduation or school event.

Boost Self-Confidence

Teens can remove Invisalign when engaging in a school activity that requires them to take them off. As long the patient follows protocols, it will not affect the treatment process. The biggest problem for most teenagers is not keeping the Invisalign braces long enough.

Clear aligners even feel more comfortable because they do not require wires and brackets, which can sometimes poke the insides of your mouth if you don’t use wax. That is a critical feature that makes Invisalign a better choice for active teenagers. Even though there is some discomfort during recovery, it is virtually unnoticeable to the patient for the most part.

Convenient Features

During the follow-up sessions, the orthodontist can tell if the patient has been adhering to the protocols. Some clear aligners have color indicators that fade over time. The feature helps parents and dental professionals determine if their teen is wearing the device for the set period.

Deciding between Aligners and Braces

Invisalign braces are more convenient and comfortable than their traditional counterparts. But because they are removable, they may be more challenging for teens to keep them on for a minimum of 22 hours.

The orthodontist will evaluate the state of your teen’s dental health before prescribing Invisalign. Traditional braces are at times the better option if dental issues are more severe and at a critical stage, however, Invisalign is the more comfortable choice for active teens who qualify.

Some parents may opt for other affordable options like ceramic or metal braces. Ceramic appliances can mimic the color of teeth but are still noticeable. Regardless of the option you choose, you need to seek the advice of a certified orthodontic professional.


Invisalign braces are one of the options for teens with crooked or misaligned teeth. They are inconspicuous and more comfortable to wear than traditional devices. An orthodontist can guide you on the best choice of treatment for your teen. For more on dental health services, call Bret Johnson Orthodontics today.

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