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How Your Child Can Benefit from Invisalign for Teenagers

Posted on April 20, 2022

Having crooked teeth can be a problem for your child. It will affect their confidence as well as their dental health. One of the best ways to deal with such problems is to get clear aligners for them. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, about four million Americans are currently wearing braces. In this article, we look at the benefits of Invisalign for teenagers.


Unlike braces, which have to stay on until the treatment is complete, aligners are removable. This makes it easy for your child to brush and floss. Traditional braces come with wires and brackets, and it can be difficult for children to maintain good oral hygiene with such. Clear braces will therefore reduce the risk of other dental problems related to bad oral health like cavities.


Teens can be quite self-conscious about their appearance. This can be further complicated by having crooked teeth. To correct crooked teeth, you can choose between traditional braces and Invisalign for teenagers. Unfortunately, a lot of children would rather not have a mouth full of braces. The good thing about clear plastic aligners is that they are less noticeable. That way, your child will not feel as embarrassed.

Less Irritating

With traditional braces, children can end up with sore spots inside their mouths. This is because braces and wires can rub up against lips and cheeks. Fortunately, clear aligners will not cause such problems. They are made of high-quality resin, and they do not cause trauma to the mouth in any way.

Fewer Emergencies

If you have had braces before, you may have experienced broken wires or cracked brackets. This can be quite inconvenient since the only way of fixing such problems is to go to the dentist. This is one of the advantages that clear braces have over regular metal braces. There will be no need to take your child to the orthodontist to correct broken wires. Also, you won’t need to go to the orthodontist for adjustments. When your child gets Invisalign for teenagers, you will get a set so you can change them with time.

Braces can be quite beneficial for your child. It’s important for your child to grow up with a beautiful smile and for them to be able to maintain good oral hygiene. If you are interested in getting clear aligners for teenagers, get in touch with us today. We will be happy to hear from you!

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