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How to Tell Your Child Needs Braces

Posted on August 9, 2022

According to the American Dental Association, over 3.5 million teenagers and kids each year start orthodontic treatment for braces. Orthodontists recommend that children start seeing an orthodontist at around seven years old. How do you know if your child will need braces? Here are some signs.

Your General Dentist Told You

One of the easiest ways to learn if your child might need braces is to take them to the dentist every six months. A general family dentist typically does not offer orthodontic treatment, but they can tell you if they think your child will need braces and refer you to an orthodontist.

If Mom or Dad Did, There is a Chance Your Child Will Too

If there is a family history of braces, then there is a good chance that your child inherited the condition that justified you or your partner’s need for braces. If you are concerned, it is also best to have your child evaluated by an orthodontist. While genetics does not guarantee that a child will need orthodontic treatment, it can play a role, and you can usually tell early on.

Baby Teeth Do Not Fall Out By The Age of Seven

Most primary teeth fall out by the age of seven. If they have not, your child may need orthodontic treatment. When baby teeth stay beyond a certain point, secondary teeth have a worse time growing in the right position. In some cases, primary teeth must be manually removed, and the secondary teeth must be braced into the proper position.

The Bite is Noticeably Off

If the upper teeth noticeably overlap the lower teeth or vice-versa, you may need to take your child to the orthodontist. If you suspect that your child will need braces someday, it is best to have them evaluated by an orthodontist. An orthodontist can set up a treatment plan to help correct your child’s teeth and put them on the path to a straight, healthy smile.

Make an appointment today and take the guesswork out of wondering if your child needs braces. Early interventions can lead to great success. Call today.

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