Here Are Five Other Reasons Why Invisalign Could Be a Better Option


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Here Are Five Other Reasons Why Invisalign Could Be a Better Option

Posted on May 10, 2021

Here Are Five Other Reasons Why Invisalign Could Be a Better Option

The field of orthodontics has changed over the years. Nowadays, apart from the traditional metal ones, there are modern and clear brace options like Invisalign. These clear aligners have a satisfaction rate of 96%. They are so good that 47% of teens using them to straighten teeth experience a boost in self-esteem. That’s a higher number than 22% of teens using metal braces.

Even though the best Invisalign aligners are primarily meant for teeth straightening, they also come with numerous other oral benefits. Some of those benefits include:

1. Boosting Self-Confidence

Today there are more braces for adults’ options. You don’t need to wear metal ones to fix teeth problems. Usually, having metal wires in your mouth can feel awkward, especially if you have a public-facing job such as a receptionist or a public speaker. This can, in turn, affect your self-confidence.

But, all that changes when you have the best Invisalign. No one can tell you are wearing braces unless you tell them. Besides, you can choose to remove them on very special occasions then putting them back on later to ensure you meet the minimum set time per day.

2. Better Hygiene

One issue many people with braces face is poor oral hygiene. It’s generally not as easy to clean metal braces. Food can get lodged in between the brackets and wires. Therefore, you must spend more time getting it out.

However, the best Invisalign makes cleaning your teeth easier. All you do is remove them, brush your teeth, then put them back on. Furthermore, you can clean the Invisalign simultaneously. This helps remove any residue or plaque buildup on them, leaving your mouth feeling fresh.

3. Time-Saving

The best Invisalign can save you a lot of time. Getting metal braces done takes time. The same applies to maintaining them with frequent orthodontist visits. Besides taking time to fix your teeth, they take longer to straighten your teeth.

On the other hand, Invisalign braces are time savers since you don’t need wire fixing. All the orthodontist does is molding you the tray. Once it’s a perfect fit, you can head home. Afterward, you can come in once in a while for an orthodontic examination.

4. No Food Restrictions

Did you know that you can’t eat certain foods when wearing some braces? For example, when you get metal braces, you can’t eat crunchy, sticky, chewy, sugary, and hard foods. It’s the worst part about teeth straightening since it limits your diet.

However, you can eat anything you love if you opt for Invisalign. All you have to do is remove them, eat, clean your teeth, and put them back on. Therefore, on those special occasions, you can indulge without interfering with your treatment.

5. Comfortable Treatment

Typically, metal braces can be uncomfortable. Having foreign objects attached to your teeth feels awkward. You count the days until you can get them taken off.

But that’s not the case with clear aligners. First, you can wear and remove them any time you want. Second, the orthodontist molds them to fit your teeth. That way, you feel comfortable wearing them as you go about your day.

Third, they have a smooth surface. No sharp edges mean that you significantly reduce the risk of puncturing your mouth.

While all brace treatments are effective and are geared towards straightening your teeth, Invisalign can help you achieve this outcome while you still enjoy other benefits. Do not shy away from talking to your orthodontist about this option and see if it could work for you.

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