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Everything to Know About Teen Braces

Posted on June 6, 2022

teen braces

Children and teenagers are primary candidates for braces. Using braces makes it easier for teens to improve their oral health. That said, you should understand that the knowledge you possess about braces may impact the orthodontic experience. Understand that teen braces offer many options and resources for information and guidance. Here is everything to know about teen braces.

You Have Different Options

When it comes to teen braces, several options are available. You can have metal braces with plain, silver, or gold coatings. You can also use ceramic braces to hide them and have them look teeth-like. It is crucial to talk to your orthodontist to understand your options before deciding, as each option has its own price range and advantages. As a teen, you want braces that make you comfortable and raise your confidence to smile.

You Have to Avoid Certain Foods

During a braces treatment there is a restriction on what you can eat and drink. For some, this is the most difficult thing to get used to. Life becomes easier for any teen using braces when they understand their eating restrictions. What food to avoid and what to continue consuming also depends on the severity of the oral and dental issues. Talk to your dentist to improve your braces’ functionality.

Braces Can Only Hurt for a Couple of Days

For teens, one of the major concerns is whether the braces hurt. You should note that the purpose of teen braces is to align your teeth, and the process can come with some initial discomfort. Although, the feeling may only last a couple of days before your body adjusts to the changes. You should also watch what you eat and drink to avoid damaging your braces and subsequently your teeth.

Braces Are Vital in Improving Your Oral Health

Besides aligning your teeth, braces are vital in improving oral health. You improve your dental aesthetics when you choose colorful braces. You also pay attention to oral hygiene and improve your overall health with tips for a lifelong routine. According to Humana, more than 4 million Americans wear and use braces for their health needs today. When you regularly clean, eat healthily, and engage in activities that won’t compromise the braces’ functionality, your oral health benefits.

How Long You Wear Braces May Vary

Every teen wearing a brace wants to know how long they will be using them. This is a common question that dentists and orthodontists have to answer often. You should know that the length of wearing teen braces depends on the severity of your dental problem, how your body responds to treatment, and your age and lifestyle You should work with your orthodontist to learn more.

Before deciding your teen should wear braces, contact us to learn more. There are many things to know about teen braces to get the best results. Get in touch with us today for professional advice and book an appointment.

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