Braces Vs. Invisalign: Which Is Right For You?


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Braces Vs. Invisalign: Which Is Right For You?

Posted on February 18, 2022

Braces Vs. Invisalign: Which Is Right For You?

Your smile is one of your most distinct features. Having a crooked smile can be a blow to your self-esteem, and it can make you quite self-conscious. Fortunately, there are several ways to straighten your smile and gain your confidence back. The two most popular ways are braces and Invisalign. However, how do you decide which method is better for you? Read on to find out more.


If you are concerned with the cost of treatment, you might want to go for traditional braces because they are usually more affordable than Invisalign. Apart from that, you will also find that the cost of Invisalign depends on the number of trays that you need. If you need more trays, it’s going to be quite expensive for you. Before you make a decision about the price, you might need to talk to your orthodontist first. Also, if you have dental insurance, you might not need to worry too much about the cost.


This is one of the most significant differences between braces and Invisalign. When it comes to appearance, Invisalign is always going to win the batter. This is because the trays are virtually undetectable. On the other hand, you can notice that someone is wearing metal braces from a distance. This is because Invisalign trays are made using a clear plastic material. This might not be too much of a concern if you are picking a solution for kids. Instead of getting aligners for teenagers, kids might actually want to pick out different colored bands for metal braces.


You will find that straightening your teeth might not be the most comfortable process. Regardless of where you are using braces or aligners for teenagers, the process will just have some degree of discomfort. However, you will find that Invisalign tends to be a lot more comfortable than traditional braces. This is because it generally applies less pressure to the teeth. Also, it doesn’t have the sharp edges found on braces that can cut the inner lip or tongue.

When choosing the method of teeth straightening, you must also consider the duration of treatment and whether you’d be more comfortable having braces or aligners for teenagers in your mouth for a long time. According to Humana, adults might have to wear braces for about three to four years, whereas children usually have them on for only two to five years. If you aren’t sure which method is better for you, contact Dr. Bret Ortho today, and we can help you make a choice.

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