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5 Foods Your Kids Should Avoid With Braces

Posted on October 2, 2023


For many kids, one of the rites of passage of growing up is visiting the local orthodontist. Thanks to the care of local orthodontists, people can maintain straight and healthy teeth that promote a beautiful smile. However, teens and kids may not always like dealing with braces, since they have to adjust their diet. Here are some of the top foods they should avoid during this time.

1. Sticky Foods

It’s no secret that children love to eat sweet foods, especially sticky ones like toffee, gum, and other chewy treats. However, children should refrain from anything that might stick to their teeth or brackets. Failure to do so may result in taffy or caramel getting stuck to those areas or pulling brackets off.

2. Raw Vegetables

Of course, you want your children to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables since raw vegetables have all of their nutrients in their highest form. Unfortunately, your children should avoid eating most raw vegetables as they’re too crunchy and can break the brackets. It’s best to give your children cooked or mushy vegetables, so they can still get those nutrients without damaging their orthodontic devices.

3. Whole Apples

Apples have several dietary benefits like fiber and antioxidants. However, children should refrain from biting into whole apples with any type of braces. Of course, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t eat a delicious Macintosh or Fuji apple. Orthodontists recommend cutting the apples into little pieces before consuming them.

4. Popcorn

Who doesn’t love yummy popcorn, especially the buttery kind when going to see a movie? While this may be one of your children’s favorite treats, they should avoid this to save their braces. Unfortunately, corn kernels are very hard, small, and can easily get in between teeth as well as brackets.

5. Nuts

Nuts have some of the best nutrients, such as healthy fatty acids and iron that growing kids need. However, they may have to save the nut consumption until after braces removal. These nutritional powerhouses are a little too hard for the teeth during this time.

According to Humana, adults can expect to wear braces for three to four years, while children usually have them for two years. It’s understandable that it may be hard to avoid certain foods during this time, but it’s crucial for the effectiveness of the orthodontic treatment. Professional orthodontists want your children to have a successful treatment, so be sure to follow the above advice regarding the type of foods to avoid. Is it time for your child to get braces? Visit our orthodontic office today for a consultation.

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