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3 Things You Can Do This Week to Get Your Teeth Ready for Braces

Posted on September 29, 2023

braces treatment

The right time to get braces treatment is not the same for everyone, but you should find out immediately if you need them. According to Healthline, the average person will need to wear braces for around two years. Given how long you’ll likely need braces, receiving early treatment would be preferable. Are you already set to get your braces soon? The tips detailed below should help you prepare for that important appointment.

1. Clear a Few Hours in Your Schedule

The braces treatment has evolved significantly over the years and that’s a fantastic development for dentists and patients alike. Even so, the actual procedure to get braces remains quite complex. On average, people getting their braces for the first time spend one to two hours at the dentist’s office. Although the treatment may only take a couple of hours at most, adjusting to your new braces may require more time. It would be best to clear out at least a few hours of your day so you can rest following your appointment. Take it easy for a while and give your teeth time to adjust.

2. Get Your Teeth as Clean as Possible

Your braces will sit on your teeth for a while. Once the braces are set in place, certain parts of your mouth will become harder to clean. Those reasons explain why thorough teeth cleaning is imperative ahead of your dentist appointment. Take your time brushing and flossing to ensure that no bits of food remain on and between your teeth. Otherwise, they could become feeding stations for bacteria. Typically, the orthodontist will still do a cleaning prior to installing the braces but it’s still important to clean your teeth properly beforehand.

3. Change Your Dental Hygiene Accessories

Pick up some new dental hygiene accessories before getting your braces. The same toothbrush and dental floss you’ve been using may not be ideal for braces. Swapping them out for more suitable alternatives is highly recommended. Get a soft-bristled toothbrush and start using it ahead of your appointment. That will help you adjust to the new texture. Meanwhile, waxed dental floss is better for people who recently got new braces. Waxed dental floss is better because it’s less likely to get stuck between teeth.

The prospect of getting braces can be intimidating. Make that time less stressful by following the tips in this article. We also make getting braces a more pleasant experience for our patients. Contact us today and schedule your braces treatment!

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