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3 Additional Benefits of Invisalign Other Than Straight Teeth

Posted on April 19, 2022

Everyone wants straight teeth and white teeth, but orthodontic treatment can provide so much more than that. Healthy teeth are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle, and the practice of oral care promotes self-care and overall healthy living. Here are additional benefits to seeking out Invisalign for teens who are looking for oral treatment.

Oral Hygiene

It’s true that appearance is a leading factor for desiring straight teeth. Looking in a mirror or taking a picture is one thing but seeing friends and strangers in public is another story since many of these people may only catch brief glimpses of your overall mouth. What people may notice more consistently about you is the smell of your breath or whether there are blatant pieces of food between your teeth. Regular oral care during orthodontics increases the available surface area of your teeth that you can clean, and protects against plaque, tartar, stain, gingivitis, and infection.

Getting Into a Routine

Invisalign braces promote a regular habit of flossing, brushing your teeth, and using mouthwash after every meal. This contributes to your overall lifestyle by getting you used to oral care after mealtimes, and possibly even getting used to a specific number of meals at specific times of day, thereby assisting your metabolism too. Practicing an oral care routine may be just what your teenager needs to also begin a skincare routine and finally begin to tackle any acne they may have!


It’s no secret that people with straight teeth have no shame in smiling more. This comes from a sense of accomplishment and delayed gratification as a result of committing to orthodontics. Pitching Invisalign for teens may have supplemental effects that translate to their academics, extracurriculars, and social lives. Getting braces is an excellent conversational topic as well, seeing as 3.5 million kids and teens get braces every year, according to Simple at Home. Straighter teeth can also reduce tension in the jaw, and therefore help alleviate stress.

The benefits of straight teeth are seemingly endless. Straight teeth should always be prioritized over pearly white teeth since teeth actually have a natural yellow tint to them. If you live in Spokane and need a visible change that serves as a confidence booster, or know a friend who does, contact Dr. Bret Johnson’s orthodontic practice and see a straighter smile for the rest of your life!

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