Life with Braces

Your braces are in place and you have begun your journey smiling freely, but what should you expect and will they affect your day-to-day activities?  No need to panic, adjusting to today’s braces is generally smooth, especially with the increased comfort of today’s braces.  Please review the advice below, it will help make life with braces easier than you ever thought!

Eating with Braces

Getting braces does not require a complete change in your diet, however, there are some foods we ask you avoid during treatment. Certain foods tend to break braces and bands off, which unfortunately results in longer treatment time.  So remain diligent, soon you’ll be back to ribs and corn on the cob!

Playing Sports with Braces

mouth guardThere is no need to give up, or worry about, sports while in treatment!  You can play the sports you always have, but we do recommend you wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth as well as your cheeks from your orthodontic appliances. We have complimentary mouthguards for patients in treatment, as well as the option to have a custom one fabricated.

If you do happen to experience a sport related injury, and notice any loose appliances or teeth, please contact our office immediately.



Sensations with Braces

For the first several days you may notice your teeth and tissue are a little sore or tender. This is normal, and actually a sign your teeth are beginning to move!  Don’t fret, this soreness will not last forever. We recommend over the counter pain relievers (please check with your family physician if you have a medical condition) to comfort you.

You may also notice your lips and cheeks may become tender, over the next few weeks they will “toughen” as they adjust to your braces.  We also provide wax that is placed over the braces to ease the soreness.

Loose Teeth

In order to attain your new smile, your teeth will need to be moved into a new straighter and more aesthetically pleasing position. As such, during your orthodontic treatment, your teeth can sometimes feel a little bit loose. This is nothing to worry about and is all an essential part of the treatment. Once your teeth have been repositioned and realigned, they will no longer feel loose.