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Rewards Program

We want your orthodontic experience to be a fun and rewarding experience and will go out of our way to do so!  You play a key role in your journey to a show-stopping smile and we want to reward you for hard work and compliance.Once you enter active orthodontic treatment you will enter our Smile Out Loud Rewards Program!

At Bret Johnson Orthodontics we want to create a beautiful AND healthy smile that will help you smile out loud! Your compliance is the most important part of achieving an excellent orthodontic result and we appreciate your hard work.  Throughout treatment, you will earn Bret’s Bucks for things such as fantastic brushing, wearing your rubber bands and seeing your dentist for regular dental check-ups.  These bucks will allow you to purchase super fun prizes throughout treatment!

At our office, we like to make straight talk about crooked teeth exciting, so we had a Plinko Board designed just for our patients!  At any time during your treatment, we may tell you to go play the Plinko Board as a reward for such things as a personal accomplishment, community service or simply for being a fantastic patient!

Dr. Bret's Bucks


  • 1 POINT  –  Being on time and/or scheduling next appointment before leaving
  • 1 POINT  –  Nothing loose or broken and/or excellent oral hygiene
  • 1 POINT  –  Regular and healthy dental checkups
  • 1 POINT  –  Wearing elastics and appliances as directed
  • 5 POINTS – Perfect attendance throughout treatment
  • 1 POINT  –  Making all growth checks and turning in your passport at the start of treatment
  • 1 POINT  –  Wearing your office t-shirt
  • 1 POINT  –  Like our facebook page
  • 3 POINTS – Write a positive review on facebook and/or google


  • Gift Cards To Places Like Target, Forever 21, Vans, Starbucks, Xbox Shop, Home Depot, Silverwood, etc.
  • Movie Tickets, Didiers Frozen Yogurt, EA Game Credit, Visa Gift Cards, iTunes, etc.
  • Playdough, Glow Sticks, Hot Wheels, Fidget Spinners, Smackers Lip Gloss & more!


* Please keep Bret Bucks in a safe place because we cannot replace if lost.  Prizes depend on availability.  Bret Bucks are not rewarded at repair/emergency appointments.  No cash value.  Amount of Bret Bucks may change without notice.  Bret Bucks expire one year after braces have been removed.

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