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Ranger Club

Dr. Bret's Ranger ClubThe journey to a jaw-dropping smile starts young!  We recommend children have an initial orthodontic evaluation around age 7-8 years. Our youngsters will be regularly evaluated by our office for growth and development checks, and will most likely not begin treatment until their permanent teeth come in.

Kiddos who are too young to start treatment enter the super cool Ranger club!  Our club actively engages our youngsters in their treatment and ensures they look forward to their check-ups!

Here’s how it works.  Patients who are too young for treatment receive a passport they bring to each appointment that helps them track each step of their journey to a perfect smile. For every visit they bring their passport they get to take their chances on our office Plinko board. Patients can win super prizes as a way for us to say thank you for choosing us and to motivate them for future appointments.

What does your child have to do to become a Ranger?  Simply come in for an initial appointment, and your child will automatically become a Ranger if they are too young for treatment. We want their orthodontic journey to be fun and educational so when your child becomes an official “Ranger” they will receive their passport and a chance to play the plinko board.  Our club also includes patients who have completed the first phase of treatment and will be moving into the second phase of orthodontic treatment in the future.

Our Rangers help ensure their teeth are healthy, let’s reward them for being awesome little keepers of their dental health.

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