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Having attended the University of Michigan for both dental school and orthodontic training, Dr. Bret learned to value evidence-based research early in his career.  The University of Michigan School of Dentistry was recently ranked the #1 dental school in the country. Their Orthodontics Program has long been revered as the most prestigious orthodontic program in the world.

Dr. Johnson has been published in the prestigious Journal, The Angle Orthodontist, and has contributed numerous other articles in prestigious international journals on the topic of Maxillary Expansion.


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Dr. Bret’s research focused on maxillary expansion, or expansion of the upper jaw.  Multiple manuscripts and references based on his thesis, “Changes In Soft Tissue Nasal Widths Associated With Maxillary Expansion,” have been published in internationally recognized, peer reviewed journals (The American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and the Angle Orthodontist.  Dr. Bret sough to answer a simple question: does expansion of the upper jaw cause the nose to widen and thus effect the attractiveness of the face?  Dr. Bret collected data from several hundred subjects and ultimately determined maxillary expansion had no significant effect on the soft tissues of the nose.